Standard  appointment times are 15 minutes – but we prefer to be thorough, so if you have more than one problem, or are unsure of how long you will need, please book a long appointment – the gap fee is much the same as for a 15 minute appointment, so your out of pocket cost will be no greater.

Please note: A fee of $30 (not refundable through Medicare) may be charged if you fail to attend your appointment or neglect to cancel it at least two hours prior to the appointment time.

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The 12-month rule for Telehealth

Since 20 July 2020, GPs and other medical practitioners working in general practice can only provide rebated telehealth where they have an existing and continuous relationship with a patient (also known as the 12-month rule). Patients can only access rebated telehealth services under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) through their regular GP or practice.

This means patients are eligible for rebatable telehealth services from only if they have seen their GP or another medical practitioner face-to-face within the same practice at least once in the preceding 12 months. Exceptions include a patient isolating at home with COVID-19 and infants under 12 months of age.

Patients who are new patients to the practice will be required to have a face-to-face visit with a practitioner in the practice prior to being able to access MBS rebated telehealth items from that practice. This also applies to existing patients of the practice who have not had a face-to-face visit within the previous 12 months.

Patients can of course elect to have a non-rebatable visit – although this will apply to all aspects of the consultation. For example, if they request a mental health treatment plan, as you cannot claim an MBS item, the treatment plan will not trigger the psychology rebate.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this Medicare policy which is beyond our control.

Opening Hours

Both Surgeries are open:

Monday-Thursday: 8am–6pm
Friday: 8am–5pm

Fremantle Family Doctors South St is open:

Every Saturday morning for all our patients: 8:30am–12pm

When we’re closed

After surgery hours care can be obtained through Night Doctor Home Visits locum service by calling 1300 644 483, or by attending the Emergency Department at Fiona Stanley Hospital Murdoch (public) or St John of God Hospital Murdoch (private).


Monday to Friday

Consult Type Pay on-Day Fee Medicare Rebate GAP
Standard-Private* $81.20 $41.20 $40.00
Long-Private $119.70 $79.70 $40.00
Standard-Discount* $61.20 $41.20 $20.00
Long-Discount* $99.70 $79.70 $20.00

$85 if not paid on the day

* Commonwealth Seniors Card holders, Health Care Card holders,
children 13-15 yo.

Note: Pensioners (Aged and Disability),
children 12 yo and under and Veterans are Bulk Billed.

Saturday Morning

Consult Type Pay on-Day Fee Medicare Rebate GAP
Standard – Private $95.00 $41.20 $53.80
Standard – Discounted* $71.20  $41.20 $30.00

* Pensioners, Health Care Card holders, children under 16 yo.

Note: Veterans are Bulk Billed.